Wizards and witches take over the Tik Tok platform!

Wizards and witches take over the Tik Tok platform!

Strange as it may seem, a veritable community of wizards and witches from all over the world has grown up on the now no longer present Chinese platform, Tik Tok. Focus on this intriguing phenomenon.

“Witchtok”, the wizarding community on Tik Tok

“Witchtok” is the contraction of “Witch” and “Tik Tok”. This is the name of this famous international community of wizards and witches. It is developing at high speed on the Chinese platform. The hashtag #Witchtok has more than 2.6 billion views. As for the videos of these content creators (or rather magic!), They count millions of likes.

These digital wizards and witches are mostly teenagers who share their tips, recipes for magic potions, the addresses of their favorite stores where to buy herbs and other mysterious ingredients, the construction of their “altars” mounted in their room, their spells and favorite incantations …

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