Why You Can't Turn On TikTok's New Q&A Feature: Explained

Why You Can’t Turn On TikTok’s New Q&A Feature: Explained

TikTok offers users the option to enable a new Q&A feature in the app, but not everyone is eligible and there are a number of reasons why.

TikTok has a Q&A feature that can be a useful way to answer questions from followers. However, it is not automatically available to everyone who uses the platform. Due to this, many will find they are unable to even see the feature in the app, let alone enable it. Here are some of the reasons why a TikTok user cannot see or turn on Q&As.

TikTok is a massively popular app and service and with so many people using it, having access to additional ways to engage with others is beneficial. Throughout 2020, TikTok added a number of features designed to improve the community experience when using the app. However, as part of that community, TikTok does make a clear distinction between general users and creators. This can have an effect on the features that are available to some of the users.

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TikTok’s new Q&A feature is designed for creators. This is not simply a distinction based on whether a user has ever uploaded a video or not, but whether their account is set to a creator account. Any TikTok users who have not designated their account as a creator will almost certainly not see the option to enable Q&As. Having a creator account is free and just requires the user to change the status through the settings. The option is located under “Switch to Pro Account” within the “Manage My Account’ section of the settings.

Other Reasons For No Q&A

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Besides having set a TikTok account to creator, it also needs to be set to public. At present, TikTok does not allow users to enable the Q&A feature if their account is set to private. Similar to switching to a creator account, changing from private to public is also easy to do through the app’s settings. First, tap on the Me button and then on the three-dot menu icon in the top right corner. After which, the option to “Turn Private Account on” (or off) will be located in the Privacy section.

Even when a TikTok account is set to creator and to public, there still might be a number of reasons why the option to enable Q&As is not available. One of the most common is the popularity of the account. As the Q&A feature is designed to improve interaction between creators and their audiences, the service has imposed certain minimum requirements. Essentially, creators will need more than 10,000 followers and their videos will need to have amassed more than 10,000 views during the past thirty days. If a TikTok user doesn’t meet all of the requirements listed above, then the option to turn on Q&As won’t be visible in the app.

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