Who is Wejdene, the singer who buzzes on TikTok?

Who is Wejdene, the singer who buzzes on TikTok?

Wejdene, Anissa: these names have been running on TikTok for a few weeks! While strolling on the platform, you necessarily came across the sound of Wejdene. This young singer who literally ignited TikTok now wants to impose herself on the music scene.

“Anissa” from TikTok to album

This is the sound that has ignited the TikTok platform in recent weeks. “Apparently you don’t like me, it’s another one that you like. You talk to an Anissa, but my name is Wejdene. ” These heady words surely tell you something!

It’s in full confinement that the young singer Wejdene posts on his TikTok account an extract from his song Anissa and launch the #AnissaChallenge. Neither one nor two, the challenge goes around the platform and today accounts for almost 14 million views.

Several influencers took up the challenge like Kiara, Nourhene, Bilal Hassani or Sundyjules. Wejdene also enjoys reposting the coolest TikToks on his Instagram account.

@ kiara.amt😂😂♬ Anissa – Wejdene
@nourheneI told him to pause here deuspi he didn’t understand anything mdrr 😂 ## fyp ## foryou♬ Anissa – Wejdene
@iambilalhassanimy juuuules 💜 @ sundyjules♬ Wejdene – assitzan

After this box on TikTok, the clip finally comes out on Youtube and already has nearly 12 million views!

The young singer is not at her first sound: I can dead or I wait compose his songs alone, with a light tone and a vocabulary that speaks to all young people of his generation. Communication strategy or not, it was TikTok who really pushed Wejdene into the limelight!

To launch and promote a new sound, the singers have everything to gain by going through the Chinese platform!

Case to follow!

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