Who is Brent Rivera, the essential influencer of Tiktok?

Who is Brent Rivera, the essential influencer of Tiktok?

Her face is surely familiar to you, you probably saw her on Vine a few years ago! Brent Rivera is one of the most influential influencers on the web: whether on Tiktok, YouTube or Instagram, the Californian brings millions of people together around very humorous videos.

A network star

The figures speak for themselves: 12.6 million subscribers on Youtube, 19.3 million followers on Instagram as well as 27.3 million subscribers on Tiktok with hold on tight, 724.3 million likes ! Brent Rivera one of the hottest Tiktokers of his generation. Her favorite hobby: pranking her little sister Lexi or his band of friends for our greatest pleasure!

We can’t talk about Brent Rivera without mentioning his entourage who remains extremely loyal to him despite all the pranks he makes them endure! As they say, who likes to chastise well! So a quick presentation of his acolytes is essential:

In the Rivera family, I ask the sister Lexi ! If their mom makes a few appearances on Tiktoks, Brent and Lexi are inseparable and take pleasure in creating content together. 18 years old, Lexi follows in the footsteps of his big brother and scores 9.4 million subscribers on Tiktok, with 128.3 million likes, just that ! Without counting Instagram where she gathers more than 6 million subscribers! We can say that success on the networks is a family story among the Rivera! Ben azelart, meanwhile, is truly the right arm of Brent. He’s also the boyfriend of Lexi !

The friends of these 3 web musketeers are never far away! We find: the best friend of Brent, Eva, which we could also see in the clip of his humorous song “ Doin ’It Wrong “, the twins Alan and Alex Stokes, Lexi Hensler or Andrew Davila.

With Brent and its shock team, you are not out of surprises! Tiktok has nothing to do well!

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