Who are TikTok's richest influencers?

Who are TikTok’s richest influencers?

A recent social network, TikTok has seen the emergence of many influencers on its platform in recent years. Thanks to the virality of their videos, some quickly became very well known. And fame often goes hand in hand with wealth. Baby Ariel, Lea Elui, Jiffpom… Find out who the richest TikTok influencers are!

TikTok: an emergence of new talents

On TikTok, the algorithm is very different from other networks like Instragram or YouTube. So it’s pretty easy to post content that goes viral. Of course, many celebrities, singers, actors, or dancers are present on TikTok.

But there are also new influencers there. The latter have come into existence exclusively on TikTok following the advent of this application which appeals to young people.

And among them, some have become very rich only thanks to their videos.

Rich influencers thanks to TikTok

Hard to imagine that with a simple 15-second video, you can become rich and famous. And yet, this is what happened to several TikTok users, who became real influencers. After a publication of the site Online Casino, we now know the wages of the richest among them.

The headliner is Loren Gray. The latter would receive $ 175,000 per video posted on TikTok. It is closely followed by Baby ariel who earns $ 150,000 per post. Finally, Jacob Sartorius receives no less than $ 105,000 per publication.

But the Americans are not the only ones to break through. France also has its share of talents, notably with the influencer Lea Elui, which earns $ 50,000 per video.

And animals too can be successful on TikTok. Indeed, Jiffpom, an adorable little dog, earns $ 100,000 to his owners for each clip released. Pretty good, right?

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