Warzone Grandma Shows Off Sniping Skills In Viral TikTok Montage

Warzone Grandma Shows Off Sniping Skills In Viral TikTok Montage

Warzone has a fierce contestant in Tactical Gramma. At 58-years-old, Tactical Gramma takes wins with precise sniper shots and funny trash talk.

Tactical Gramma is blowing up as is evidenced by her TikTok and YouTube channels. This grandmother of two shares her exploits in sniping across Call Of Duty: Warzone and she does not disappoint. Since the battle royale released early last year, Tactical Gramma has gained a reputation as one bad grandmother. Her latest TikTok montage managed to catch the eye of many casual Warzone players and went viral.

Michelle Statham is a 58-year-old grandmother and a lifelong gamer. She lives in Washington state with her husband, daughter, son-in-law, and two grandchildren. She has played games all her life and began streaming after some encouragement from her husband. She streams weekly on both Facebook Gaming and Twitch, but her primary source of popularity is Tik Tok. Her Tik Tok account currently boasts 611,000 followers and continues to grow.

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An article by Dextero details that Tactical Gramma has hit viral status following a series of videos showcasing her sniping skills from great distances within the game. She has plenty of videos but her favorite thing to do is using a sniper rifle. Although the accusations of “hard-scoping” may sting, there’s no denying Gramma’s skill. While Call Of Duty: Warzone has attracted many pro-gamers, there have been many normal gamers that have had their chance to shine. Alongside Tactical Gramma we have also seen the popular battle royale played with a baguette.

Call Of Duty: Warzone continues to boast a massive player count, but the game continues to receive criticisms for ongoing issues in the form of various glitches, balancing issues, and cheaters. With every patch that is released for the game, a new batch of issues crops up to take the old issues’ place. Players worry about the game’s relevance going forward if Activision does not handle them soon, including many prominent streamers.

Many believe that the issues that Call Of Duty: Warzone faces are partly due to the integration of Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War into the free-to-play game mode. Since the integration, gun balancing and equipment glitches have plagued the game at an increasing rate. Despite all of these issues, the game remains fun for many. Tactical Gramma has streamed other first-person shooters but Call Of Duty: Warzone remains her bread and butter. If she continues to show off sniping skills like these on TikTok, there’s no telling how big her stream might grow.

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Source: Dextero, TacticalGramma/Youtube

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