US justice blocks suspension of TikTok application

US justice blocks suspension of TikTok application

US justice blocks suspension of TikTok application

US users will continue to be able to download TikTok and its updates, at least for now, thanks to an American judge who blocked the suspension of the app ordered by the Trump administration in the name of security on Sunday. national.

Donald Trump signed a decree in early August to ban the very popular social network, which belongs to the Chinese group ByteDance, unless it falls into the fold of an American company. Hours before the government’s decision to ban the app from downloading platforms took effect, Judge Carl Nicholas ruled in favor of TikTok, which filed an appeal on September 18.

The magistrate, appointed by Donald Trump in 2019, however, has so far refused to suspend the total ban on the app on American soil, scheduled for November 12. The reasons for his decision are under seal to protect potentially confidential information, but are due to be released on Monday once the two sides agree.

TikTok reacts

“We are satisfied that the court agreed with our legal arguments and prevented the ban from being put in place,” TikTok said. The Commerce Ministry said it would comply with the judge’s ruling, but intended “to vigorously defend the presidential decree against legal pitfalls.” In a telephone hearing Sunday morning, lawyers for TikTok said blocking downloads of the app would be unconstitutional and violate the right to free speech, especially in the run-up to the November 3 presidential election.

Donald Trump has long accused TikTok of spying on its users for the benefit of Beijing, without evidence. The app of short videos, mostly musical and humorous, has become the new symbol of the battle between the United States and China for dominance of the high-tech sector.

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