[Tuto TikTok 🎵] : we teach you to reproduce these popular TikTok

[Tuto TikTok 🎵] : we teach you to reproduce these popular TikTok

Despite all the goodwill in the world, are you still struggling to make TikTok as stylish as your favorite influencers? Don’t panic, Influenth is here to help you!

In this article, we will guide you step by step in the creation of 3 Tiktok with Horia, Brent & Lexi Rivera and TiboInShape!

If it is not beautiful!

🎵 TikTok n ° 1:

@horia_youtubeLong live the youtube game 🙌😂♬ Personal – HRVY

To make our sparkling Tiktok Horia , 8 small steps are necessary:

Step 1: The hardest part… open the TikTok app! Then in the search bar, type Horia and click on his certified profile. You will find on his profile the TikTok in question. Click on it!

Step 2: Once there, at the bottom right is a small black disc 💿. Click on it. A new window opens. At the bottom of your screen is written “Use this sound”. Click on it!

Step 3: Your camera is activated. At the top right, you will find the tab “Return” : you will have guessed it, it is so that you can switch to selfie mode if you wish. For this TikTok in particular, we highly recommend the selfie mode!

Step 4: Film yourself take care to sing the “Yeaaaaah” as well as the “Everytime” which closes the sound. Once the registration is complete, click on the little pink ✔️ at the bottom right of your screen.

Step 5: Now we’re going to be able to add the text! At the very bottom of your screen is a black bar with tabs “Sounds”, ” Effects “, “Aa.Text” and “Stickers”. Click on “Text” ! You just have to type the first question answering the first “Yeaaaaah” sound. You can choose the font, format and color of the text at your convenience! For this particular TikTok, Horia used the police “Classic” with the highlighted text (click on the small AT to the left).

Step 6: Once your sentence is written, click on ” Completed “ at the top right of the screen. You can move and enlarge the text as you see fit. Then click on the text; a tab offering you 2 options opens: “Define the duration” and ” Edit “. Click on “Define the duration”.

Step 7: A kind of pink timeline that breaks down your TikTok is displayed. This band will allow you to limit the display time of this first text. Use the ends of it to decrease the time it takes for the text to appear. Of course you have to make sure that this text only appears for the first “Yeaaaaah”. To help you and gain precision, do not hesitate to activate the Play ▶ ️ button which gives you a preview of the final rendering of the video.

Step 8: Repeat for others ” Yeaaaaah » as well as the “Everyrime” the end. And it’s in the box!

🎵 TikTok n ° 2:

@brentriveraHaving a sibling..😂 @lexibrookerivera♬ Choices (Yup) – E-40

To make the TikTok from Brent and Lexi Rivera, follow the same steps as above! The only thing that changes is the sound! So to recreate the TikTok with this same sound, go to the Brent account where you will come across this TikTok. And click on the little black disc 💿 to reuse the sound!

🎵 TikTok n ° 3:

@tiboinshapeTell me the things you don’t like? ## foryouOriginale original suono – qt ._. Alex_uwu

Never 2 without 3 ! To make this latest TikTok from our favorite sports YouTuber Tibo InShape , you must follow the same steps explained above again and again! Once again, the only thing that changes is the sound! Go to the TikTok account of Tibo InShape to be able to reuse the same sound!

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