[Tuto TikTok 🎵] : how to make a duo?

[Tuto TikTok 🎵] : how to make a duo?

We continue our Tuto TikTok series with the menu of the day: learning to make a duo on TikTok! For this tutorial, we will be in the company of Danaë Bessin who, after Youtube and Instagram, is tackling TikTok, for our greatest pleasure! Let’s go!

@ danaebessin29##Duo with @fabiancrfx when your girlfriend wants to steal your crush♬ I Like Him – Princess Nokia

To reproduce this TikTok from Danaë in duet with Fabian, here are the 4 small steps to follow!

Step 1: Open the app and in the search bar, type the name of the person you want to duet with. Here, Danaë chose Fabian. Click on his profile. You will find on his profile the TikTok in question. Click on it!

Step 2: On the right of your screen, you will find below the “Heart” and some “Comment bubble” a rounded arrow. Click on it!

Step 3: A tab opens: you will find the bookmarkss “Report”, “Duo”, “Add to Favorites” as well as “Share as GIF”. Obviously click on “Duo”!

Step 4: Your camera is activated. On the right of your screen, you will find Fabian’s TikTok. Now it’s your turn to film yourself as usual and record the TikTok! It’s in the box !

Nothing really complicated!

To inspire you, here are other duets made by Danaë! You just have to show off your acting skills!

@ danaebessin29##Duo with @fabiancrfx 😂😂❤️♬ original sound – hugo_frays
@ danaebessin29##Duo @sidneydunk you watch a fight between your ex and another guy, and this person turns to you, you meet his gaze and you fall in love 😏♬ original sound – stevie.ryugazaki

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