[Tuto TikTok 🎡] : how to change your face?

[Tuto TikTok 🎡] : how to change your face?

A little TikTok tutorial every day! This time, we teach you how to change your face! We will explain everything to you !

A change of face? Yes yes, that’s what this type of videos is called! They are found everywhere on TikTok. The principle is simple: throughout the video, we are witnessing the evolution of your face, from your earliest childhood to today! An example in image with Rayan :

@rayanlvttDid I glow up 😭😭?♬ original sound – rayanlvtt

To reproduce this TikTok “Change of face”, here are the steps to follow:

Step 1: First open the application then in the search bar, type the name “Rayanlvtt”. Click on his profile. You will find on his profile the TikTok in question. Click on it!

* Little explanation: we take you through Rayan’s TikTok so that you can find the “Change of face” tab more simply and quickly!

Step 2: On his TikTok, on the left of your screen, you will find a small orange tab with writing right next to it “Change of face”. Click on it!


Step 3: A page opens: you will then find all the people who have already done this TikTok “Change of face”. At the bottom center of the screen is a pink tab “Camera” 🎦. Click on it!


Step 4: Your camera is activated. This is where the serious things start! A tab opens offering you to select photos. You can add up to 5! It is then up to you to do your usual treatments such as Filter, Sound volume, etc. if you wish. And then guess what, it’s in the box!


As usual, we are putting together a little compilation of TikTok to inspire you! We find the TikTok of Tibo InShape, Mayadorable, LΓ©na Situations or evenEnzo Prissant aka Enzo Tais-Toi.

@tiboinshapeWhat do you think of my transformation? πŸ˜β™¬ original sound – tiboinshape
@lenasituationsit’s hard to grow up♬ its original – the situation
@mayadorableChipie since birth πŸ˜ˆπŸ˜‚β™¬ Love Songs – Bonus – Kaash Paige
@enzotaistoiglow up? πŸ‘ΌπŸ»β™¬ original sound – favsoundds

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