[Tuto TikTok 🎡] : how do we use the green background?

[Tuto TikTok 🎡] : how do we use the green background?

We come back to you for another TikTok tutorial with always in mind to transform you into a TikTok ace! For this tutorial, we explain how to use the green background for even more stylish TikTok videos! We reproduce with MayaDorable one of his TikTok! Let’s go!

@mayadorableI hate when someone sends me 749,292 omg voices “I listen after” πŸ˜‚πŸ€ͺπŸ€ͺβ˜ οΈβ™¬ original sound – samandcolby_.edits21

Here are the 6 steps to follow to make this TikTok:

Step 1: Think beforehand of screenering one of your Snapchat conversations with a friend who talks too much and strings the vocals by the dozen! If you do not have a pipelette to report, you can easily find this image on the Internet!

Step 2: Open the TikTok app and in the search bar, type Mayadorable. Click on his profile. You will find on his profile the TikTok in question. Click on it!

Step 2: Once there, at the bottom right is a small black disc πŸ’Ώ. Click on it. A new window opens. At the bottom of your screen is written “Use this sound”. Click on it!

Step 3: Your camera is activated. At the top right, you will find the tab “Return” so you can switch to selfie mode if you want. For this TikTok, we highly recommend the selfie mode!

Step 4: Please select ” Effects “ at the bottom left and look for the symbol ” Green background “ in the zone “Trend”. Here is the icon ” Green background “ in question : [Tuto TikTok 🎡] : how do we use the green background?

tiktok green background

Step 5 : Click on the icon then select the image you want to use, in this case your screenshot of a Snapchat conversation. The chosen image becomes your video background!

Step 6: You record yourself taking care to be in sync with the sound when the phrase is spoken! It’s in the box !

To give you ideas, here are other TikTok created by our dear Maya! A real green funds pro, it must be said!

@mayadorablePTDR a useless test 😭😭😭☠️ Do you do Spanish or German at school?♬ use this sound… if you want… or not idc – frankietaco
@mayadorableWhat is THE first thing you are going to do when the world reopens?♬ subscribe to titouffee – titouffee

To your TikTok !!!

Featured image credit: franceculture.fr

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