TikTok 'Wipe It Down' Challenge Explained & How To Make Your Own Video

TikTok ‘Wipe It Down’ Challenge Explained & How To Make Your Own Video

The latest challenge making waves on TikTok is one that promotes a positive message. Here’s how to make your own video to add to the challenge.

The latest TikTok challenge doing the rounds is ‘Wipe It Down.’ While TikTok challenges have raised concerns over user safety and questions over appropriateness, this one appears to be a lot more innocent, fun, and actually promotes a positive message of keeping surfaces clean and free of germs during a time when cleanliness can help to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

TikTok challenges are nothing new and in many ways, they are the very definition of the video-sharing service. When challenges go out, they often tend to very quickly trend with others accepting the challenge and making their own copy videos to add to the wealth of related videos already on the platform. That’s exactly the case with this latest challenge, considering the #WipeItDown hashtag is about to pass the one billion views marker.

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As is often the case with challenges, Wipe It Down is fairly simply in its premise. Essentially, a creator starts the video off by setting up the scene where they are about to clean something – typically a mirror. Set to the song Wipe It Down by BMW KENNY, the TikTokker then starts to clean the object with the wipes coinciding with every “wipe” mention by BMW KENNY. However, typically on the third “wipe” the video changes to show a different version of the same person. This might be as simple as a dressed-up version instead of dressed-down, or could be a more radical character transformation. In addition, a wink is also quite common at the right point, but not required.

Making Your Own Wipe It Down Video

Getting involved with TikTok challenges is usually not that difficult to do, although this one might require a little more technical know-how. First off, the filming of the challenge video is simple enough as the user just needs to film themselves in both the first and second character situations. The easiest way to do this is focus on the first character and film the first scene, followed by the third scene (and fifth, if using one), then switching outfits and filming the second (and fourth, if using) scenes.

Once the footage is done, the two steps left is to edit the video files together so they are one continuous piece with the first scene leading to the second and then to the third and so on, while the second is downloading the song to lay over the top. In terms of the editing, the easiest way to do that is through a dedicated third-party video editing app and using that to combine the two videos, taking extra care to make sure the transition between clips is as smooth as possible. There are many third-party video editing apps available for both Android and iOS, and at varying price points.

As for the audio, the easiest way to do this is to find a video already using the Wipe It Down song by BMW KENNY, tap on the share icon, select “save video” and then just use the audio clip (removing the video) through the same third-party editing app used to splice the two Wipe It Down videos you’ve made together. All that’s left to do then is to upload and publish to TikTok with the #WipeItDown hashtag.

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