TikTok unveils top 100 most viral videos of 2020

TikTok unveils top 100 most viral videos of 2020

It’s the most favorite social network for teenagers, TikTok currently has real video stars, all of them under the age of 20. With several hundred million users, the Chinese social network has just unveiled the top 100 of its most viral videos of 2020.

TikTok’s Most Influential Person of the Year is only 16 years old, American, and first crossed the app’s 100 million subscriber threshold. Her name is Charlie D’Amelio, and even Laurent Neumann is a fan of his millions of views and likes.

Another category is devoted to the most viral videos of this year. It’s @bellapoarch who rises to the top and has more than 530 million views thanks to his video of “lip synch”, lip synchronization, or playback on the now unavoidable “M to the B”.

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The most popular song of the year on TikTok, with its catchy choreography goes to Jason Derulo and heady “Savage Song”.

Finally, on the culinary trend side of the app, in 2020 the recipe that has panicked young TikTok users is “cereal pancakes”.

In addition, according to Rmc, TikTok listed the most significant hashtags of the year. These include #YouHaveTo, #TwoPrettyBestFriends and #DontLeaveMe.


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TikTok unveils top 100 most viral videos of 2020

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