TikTok to take legal action against Trump measures

TikTok to take legal action against Trump measures

TikTok to take legal action against Trump measures

The Chinese video-sharing app TikTok, threatened with ban by President Donald Trump who accuses him of spying on behalf of Beijing, announced on Saturday that it planned to file a complaint against the US government in the week to come.

To ensure that the law is upheld and that our business and our users are treated fairly, we have no choice but to challenge the executive order (signed by Mr. Trump) through the court system.The group wrote in a message sent to AFP.

The American president has accused for months, without proof, the video-sharing platform owned by the Chinese group ByteDance of siphoning off data from American users for the benefit of Beijing. On August 6, he banned the application from any transaction with American partners within 45 days.

” Lack of respect “

TikTok, which then threatened to take legal action against the decision, plans to implement its threat in the days to come.

Although we do not agree at all with the accusations of the US administration, for almost a year we have sought to engage in good faith discussions to find a solution.“, Explains the app on Saturday.

But instead we encountered a lack of respect for legal procedures as the administration pays no attention to the facts and tries to interfere in negotiations between private companies.TikTok adds, without specifying in which jurisdiction it plans to sue.

Microsoft or Oracle?

Arguing national security concerns, the White House tenant also gave ByteDance until around mid-November to sell the network’s US operations, failing to block it in the United States. The software giant Microsoft was the first in the ranks.

But Donald Trump recently expressed his support for a possible takeover offer by Oracle. This IT group was co-founded by Larry Ellison, who raised millions of dollars for the White House tenant campaign.

TikTok has built its success on tools for creating and sharing short, offbeat videos that play to music and humor, and delivered by algorithms based on individual tastes, not contacts.

The entertainment platform has nearly a billion users worldwide, with popularity that has grown following months of lockdown.

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