TikTok: The numbers to remember!

TikTok: The numbers to remember!

Launched in 2016, the TikTok application has established itself widely in the social media landscape and is now part of the very closed club of apps with over 1 billion users. TikTok therefore continues its meteoric rise. And to take stock, Influenth offers you a quick summary of TikTok figures and statistics to remember.

TikTok users in 2021

1 billion monthly active users. The United States represents a significant market: more than 70 million users are from this country. And among these, 61% are women. On the side of Douyin, Chinese version of TikTok, there are more than 556 million users assets per month.

Tiktok around the world

The Chinese app is currently banished in two countries:India and the Pakistan.

In some countries, content creators who have reached at least 100,000 video views are eligible to join the Creator Fund. They will be able to directly earn money by TikTok.

The Shopify tabs start to be deployed for merchant profiles verified and approveds by the platform.

Mother Society BYTEDANCE is valued at more than 140 billion dollars, making the latter the best valued start-up in the world.

Additional user information

46% of users use Tikok without any other distraction. 81% of them say they want to spend so much time seeing more time on the application.

35% of users say they pass less time watching TV or other types of video content since using TikToK.

25% users would buy or search for a product after seeing it on TikTok. And finally, after watching a TikTok video, 92% of users say like / comment, the share with a friend, follow a brand, buy or search for a product.

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