TikTok Star Sam Demogenes Defends Jed Wyatt, Gets Info From Producer

TikTok Star Sam Demogenes Defends Jed Wyatt, Gets Info From Producer

As the true story behind Jed and Hannah’s breakup emerges, Tik Tok star Sam Demogenes has been following the story and revealing more information.

The true story behind Jed Wyatt and Hannah Brown’s breakup on The Bachelorette has been emerging over the past couple of days. Tik Tok star Sam Demogenes has been following the story and revealed information from several new sources, including a former producer.

Jed Wyatt and Hannah Brown got engaged at the end of her Bachelorette season, as is customary for Bachelor couples. However, news broke that Jed had been cheating on Hannah throughout the season, and had a secret girlfriend at home. Fans started hearing the rumors almost as soon as the season began airing. Hannah and Jed broke off their engagement before the After The Final Rose special, where Hannah asked out her runner-up, Tyler Cameron. Last Saturday, Dylan Barbour, another contestant on Hannah’s season, revealed Bachelor secrets in a series of tweets. One fan asked who got screwed over the most by producers, and Dylan replied Jed. He then confirmed that Jed never cheated on Hannah. This left fans shocked. Jed has since replied to Dylan’s comments on Instagram, saying this was true and that he was very manipulated by producers. Jed’s full story will be released on his podcast, Jed Talks, this Tuesday.

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Tik Tok star and Bachelor fan Sam Demogenes read Dylan’s tweets and took to Tik Tok to express her shock. To her amazement, she started receiving DMs from people who knew more about the story. She is consistently posting updates about the messages she has received, keeping her sources anonymous by blocking their names and pictures with emojis. Her first DM came from a friend of Jed’s, who confirmed what Dylan had said on Twitter. “This is a condensed version of what we talked about,” said Sam, then read from their conversation, “I know that Jed and his girlfriend had broken up before the show and he did not cheat on her. He did go on the show to help promote his music and didn’t think it would turn into something like this. Jed and his family are all amazing people.” Sam continued, “So basically what she is saying is that ABC made up the fact that he was still with his girlfriend.” Sam received DMs from other friends of Jed’s who all said similar things. Jed and Dylan also both commented positively on her Tik Tok.

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After Jed reposted her original video on his Instagram story, Sam got a DM from a former Bachelorette producer who had worked on Hannah’s season. No one from ABC has commented on Dylan’s tweets so far. “I was friends with Dylan, Jed, Tyler, Peter & Hannah through taping the show and have some bad feelings about it,” the producer wrote in her message. She said Jed was a very nice guy and would ask to see Hannah without cameras around, which was not allowed. She also told Sam producers had lied to a different contestant about something extremely personal, but Sam refused to give the names of those involved.

Sam’s sleuthing has given fans the most convincing evidence so far that Jed’s cheating storyline was made up. We’ll be eagerly awaiting Jed’s podcast for more information.

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