TikTok Star Raves About Meeting Kris Jenner & Boyfriend Corey

TikTok Star Raves About Meeting Kris Jenner & Boyfriend Corey

A woman on TikTok raved about how nice Kris Jenner and Corey Gamble were when she met them. She even rated her experience with them a 10/10.

Someone on TikTok recently shared her experience meeting Keeping up with the Kardashians matriarch, Kris Jenner, and her long-time boyfriend, Corey Gamble, while working at the luxury clothing store Barney’s New York. She raved about how kind and sweet the pair was to her. She even called the experience one of the best celebrity run-ins she has had.

Kris has been dragged by the media in the past for selling out her daughters for money. In reality, she is working her hardest so she and her family could live the best lives they can. Some may perceive Kris as someone who only cares about money, but in fact, fans before have raved about how pleasant she has been to them. Kris understands that the fans are the reason she and her family are so successful and would never leave a bad impression.

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A fan from Reddit shared a TikTok they found of a woman who met Kris and Corey while the couple was shopping in Barney’s New York for dresses and caftans. The woman worked at the high-end fashion store and left that experience with nothing but praise for the couple. She admitted how stunning the mother of six looked in person and how everything she tried on looked phenomenal on her. The woman even complimented how fantastic Kris looks for a woman in her sixties. At the time, the TikToker was pregnant, and Kris even wished her a safe delivery. Fans were not surprised by this as Kris always gave off a friendly vibe.

One fan said, “And I believe every word. Kris may work harder than the devil himself but I get friendly vibes!” Another agreed to add that Kris “knows how to network socially,” and would never leave a bad impression of herself. She continued, saying, “Kris … has turned her ability into being friendly into a hustle … and the one of the reasons people consistently want to work with her and her daughters.” Plus, Kris has worked in customer-facing jobs before, like being a flight attendant, and knows how to treat people with respect. Fans have even called her inspirational for using her social connections that helped create the empire she has built. She has worked hard to get to where she is and deserves credit and respect.

Kris and Corey have come a long way since they began dating in 2014, shortly after her divorce from Caitlyn Jenner. While Kris may have always been a kind and sociable person, Corey has definitely softened her over the years. He has become her support and champions her when she needs someone there for her. Kris and Corey not only become partners but friends over the years. Their happiness with each other is clearly evident by the people they meet.

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