TikTok Selling 'Here to Stay' Hoodie & T-Shirt In New Official Store

TikTok Selling ‘Here to Stay’ Hoodie & T-Shirt In New Official Store

TikTok has launched a new online store with limited-edition “Here to Stay” merchandise, made in collaboration with designer Joshua Vides.

TikTok is currently selling limited-edition “Here to Stay” merchandise on its website, such as a black hoodie and a black t-shirt with the same design that reads “Not Going Any Where!” on the front in white writing. This comes at a time when the viral app is facing immense pressure from the U.S. government to sell or close down its operations in the United States.

President Trump’s mid-September deadline for the app’s ban continues to loom, and despite many potential American companies willing to buy its American operations, TikTok has not yet announced a final sale. Only three days ago, TikTok sued the Trump administration over the ban and ultimatum, so this new merchandise does appear to convey a surprising amount of confidence from the brand.

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The new merchandise is a collaboration with designer Joshua Vides. The merchandise features white writing which on the front reads “Not Going Any Where!” along with “Here To Stay!” on the back. White splatters of paint sit around the design, and the front also holds the TikTok logo. Currently, the shirt and hoodie from this collection are the only items available in the TikTok official store. The t-shirt can be purchased for $45 and the hoodie can be purchased for $70, although it looks like they’ve both already sold out.

Why Is TikTok Releasing This Merch Now?

TikTok’s confidence does not seem totally unfounded. Many companies have been vying to purchase the service before Sept. 15, which would allow it to escape the ban. Though some deals, like one TikTok tried to make with Netflix, have fallen through, others seem more likely. Microsoft and TikTok have been in talks since the ultimatum was placed on the social media app, and Oracle has also reportedly been in talks with TikTok over its purchase. Walmart has also now teamed up with Microsoft in order to push a deal though. Another reason for TikTok’s apparent confidence could be its lawsuit against President Trump’s upcoming ban. This lawsuit could potentially delay the ban until a further date, allowing the service to continue in the meantime.

The clothing items were also released just hours after TikTok CEO Kevin Mayer stepped down from the company. Due to the uncertainty over TikTok’s future, the shirt and hoodie release may be more rebellious than anything foretelling, but despite that, the apparel does offer a very interesting take on TikTok’s current situation, and there is value in that.

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