TikTok opens a "transparency center"

TikTok opens a “transparency center”

To reassure Americans and the world about how TikTok handles data, ByteDance has decided to open a “transparency center”.

A desire for transparency at TikTok

In late 2019, the United States announced that it would initiate an investigation into the TikTok app. Their purpose is to verify that the famous Chinese social network does not allow the government of his country spy maneuvers.

In response to this statement, ByteDance, the company owning TikTok, has decided to open a “transparency center”. This will allow independent experts to come and observe the behind the scenes of TikTok and make sure everything is in order.

The center will be located in TikTok’s Los Angeles offices. Experts will therefore come to observe the teams on a daily basis, check the work of the content moderators and ensure their integrity.

ByteDance wants to reassure the United States

ByteDance’s goal is to gain the trust of the United States by demonstrating good faith. In the past, TikTok has been singled out for advancing Chinese foreign policy.

One fact in particular had intrigued the whole world. During the Hong Kong revolts, the application, although on the rise, had broadcast very little content.

The “transparency center” therefore aims to lift the veil on the mysteries of TikTok’s actions. In addition, the social network recently announced that it is recruiting a cybersecurity director for the safety of its users. A major mission to strive for ever more secure use of the application.

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