TikTok madness could surpass one billion users in 2021

TikTok madness could surpass one billion users in 2021

TikTok madness could surpass one billion users in 2021
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TikTok is definitely the social network of the moment. The platform could pass the one billion user mark by 2021, according to forecasts from App Annie. A huge business opportunity that could materialize in the midst of the economic crisis. However, nothing has been decided yet since TikTok is still threatened with ban on American soil. ->

TikTok’s success is not about to end. According to the site App Annie, which analyzes the different applications, the latest popular social network will have more than one billion active users by 2021. Specifically, the predictions predict more than 1.2 billion active users per month. “TikTok has seen strong growth in active users by building up a sizable global presence in 2020 – almost tripling in size since 2018. In 2021, we expect TikTok to not only achieve a coveted spot in the billion dollar club. monthly active users, but it drops to 1.2 billion, ”said App Annie.

A huge business opportunity

A consecration for the social network created in 2016 which could therefore join the very closed circle of social networks having already reached one billion users, including Facebook, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram, YouTube and WeChat. ->

This is also a sizeable economic opportunity, since with such a flourishing market, more and more brands may be joining the platform in an economic context where digital technology plays a more essential role than ever. TikTok also won second place in the ranking of the applications that generated the most spending by its users in the third quarter of 2020 (excluding games applications), thus proving its enormous commercial potential. Although TikTok relies on ads to monetize its app, the platform also allows its users to generate income through virtual gifts that are used as tips.

A future in the USA?

A bright prospect for the future for the application that is in the sights of the administration of outgoing President Donald Trump. In the turmoil in recent months, accused of espionage, the social network escaped its ban on American soil at the last minute. With the announced victory of Joe Biden, the fate of TikTok seems to be clearing up, but for how long? The plan to buy the platform from an American company is still under discussion.

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