TikTok joins the Le Refuge Foundation in the fight against discrimination and homophobia

TikTok joins the Le Refuge Foundation in the fight against discrimination and homophobia

To mark Pride Month, TikTok is working alongside the Le Refuge Foundation in its efforts to raise awareness and fight against homophobia and discrimination. Several personalities have also mobilized on TikTok like the influencer and singer Bilal Hassani and the TV host Alex Goude.

TikTok and Le Refuge together to better fight homophobia and discrimination

Needless to remind you that TikTok is the most popular social network for young and old alike. A real bargain for Le Refuge.

TikTok and The shelter have thus implemented:

The #FierDeToi Hashtag

This is a positive awareness campaign supported by Bilal Hassani and the designer TikTok CamilleTeSigne. Short format videos in which they express their pride in being unique and in celebrating all the differences via the hashtag #FierDeToi. Both invite TikTok users to share their messages, to express their sensitivity while, for example, enhancing their videos with the ‘Rainbow’ filter.

A Live TikTok with Alex Goude

On Thursday June 25 at 6 p.m. there was a Live with Alex Goude. On the official account of the Le Refuge Foundation, this committed personality who was able to share his testimony, exchange with the TikTok community on the themes of pride and acceptance of self and others

A “Donation” sticker

During this Live, a Sticker Donation allowed participants to support the association by raising funds for its benefit.

Through creativity, TikTok has successfully created a space of support, sharing, understanding and fulfillment for the LGBTQ + community, so that it continues to express itself in a creative and authentic way. This partnership contributes to the strengthening of the fight against homophobia.

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