TikTok is in place

TikTok is in place

The TikTok social network has proven itself. With more than 800 million users, the short video app appeals not only to teenagers (its core target), but also to previous generations and brands. The coronavirus crisis and the obligation to remain confined to the home have amplified this supremacy. Alexandre Saillard, Influence Campaign Manager At Reech, the first brand tech of influencer marketing, returns in more detail to the success of TikTok during the confinement within this forum.

Covid-19 and containment: TikTok is in place

Much has been written about the network since its launch in September 2016. A few years later, and some 800 million users later, TikTok confirms its place as a challenger to the most popular social networks. And while the Reech 2020 study already mentioned the phenomenal growth of the platform, especially with influencers, containment accelerated the movement: TikTok recorded 65 million downloads in March.

TikTok’s success during containment

Forced to stay at home, people spend more time on the Internet and social networks (+ 61% in confined countries according to Kantar). And some networks are doing well. Among them, TikTok records no less than 65 million additional downloads in March 2020. An increase, which beats records, particularly driven by containment. And it does not stop there.

While the network had a reputation as a place of expression of “Gen Z”, the thirties got down to it. This older audience constitutes a significant part of the new users acquired in recent weeks. In terms of influencers, on TikTok now coexist new (and young) content creators, and older ones who have already emerged on YouTube or Instagram.

And the reflection of this generational mix is ​​quickly found on our news feed where we discover both a dance video of @EnzoTaisToi (15 years old) and the #DontRushChallenge version of the essential Sananas (30 years old) with his friends and colleagues MonBlogDeFille, Richard, ElsaMakeup (47, 24 and 29 years old).

@sananasNever bored with friends 🤷🏻‍♀️😜 ft @ richaard2609 Hélènemonblogdefilles & Elsamakeup 💚 ## foryou ## foryoupage ## fy ## fyp ## boredinthehouse♬ BORED IN THE HOUSE – Curtis Roach

And brands and other organizations also embrace TikTok, including integrating it into their influence strategy. Let’s take 2 examples.

The World Health Organization (WHO)

WHO has great affinities with Influence Marketing. At the start of confinement, it had, like the most seasoned brands, contracted an influencer of virtual reality. Based on the observation that COVID-19 made a lot of users talk and especially circulate information which is very often wrong, the organization therefore activated influencers … on TikTok.

Indeed, in order to convey the right information and barrier gestures, WHO has surrounded itself with a league of creators and in particular the most powerful in the network: @CharliDamelio. With 53.2 million subscribers, it offers the most extensive coverage for influencing activation health messages.

@charlidameliohelp @unicef ​​and @who to spread this message on how we can better protect ourselves against covid19. ” ## safehands♬ original sound – charlidamelio

Results? The campaign, with the hashtag #SafeHands, has generated more than 4.4 billion views. A hashtag so popular that creators wishing to emerge and perform it have integrated it into their wording so that their content goes back into the algorithm.


Already well aware of Influence Marketing, with many over the counter campaigns on “classic” networks (Instagram) as well as innovative (Snapchat), the brand decided to invest in TikTok. Levi’s didn’t do things by halves.

The global textile giant, and jeans in particular, has incorporated exquisite ingredients into its recipe for its TikTok activation. Take a pinch of creative and differentiating influencers (Everett Williams, Callen Schaub, Cosette Rinab and Gabby Morrison), add a hint of co-creation of jeans with 3D printing technology and season it all by using ‘a new feature offered by the network: “Shop Now”. When tasting, you get content engaging, qualitative and striking.

We also discover growth of at least 200% views on the “Future Finish” page of the Levi’s website. Here’s an example to take … as an example.

TikTok and containment in brief

As we have said, TikTok has proven itself and there is no longer any doubt about it. It is important, even necessary, to think of activating this network, especially in influence. Especially since the latter tends to gather a more mature audience, while retaining the unique appeal that millennials have for TikTok.

Covid-19 and containment:
how do brands work with influencers during this period?

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