TikTok in turn bans Dieudonné

TikTok in turn bans Dieudonné

TikTok in turn bans Dieudonné

TikTok has “banned” from its network the French polemicist Dieudonné M’Bala M’Bala, condemned multiple times in France for his hate speech, this platform popular with young people thus following in the footsteps of its competitors YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.

“Dieudonné’s account has been banned from the platform”, assured a spokesperson for TikTok France, without further details.

Beyond this particular case, the network would like to recall that “TikTok has a very strict moderation policy and all content that does not follow its rules is banned from the app.”

Several other online platforms have already removed the controversial comedian Dieudonné from their users since the beginning of the summer, in the name of the fight against hate content.

YouTube (owned by Google) got the ball rolling at the end of June by removing the polemicist’s channel, due to repeated breaches of its rules.

Facebook and its Instagram subsidiary followed suit in early August, and banned the polemicist from their platforms, accusing him of having disseminated “Content mocking the victims of the Shoah” and used “Dehumanizing terms against Jews”.

Accustomed to the courts, Dieudonné has been condemned several times by the French courts for his hate speech. His last conviction was in November: he was fined 9,000 euros for complicity in an anti-Semitic insult, after the broadcast of a video and a song entitled “C’est mon choaaa”.

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