TikTok Explaining Warzone Lingo Is Hilariously Accurate

TikTok Explaining Warzone Lingo Is Hilariously Accurate

In a viral TikTok video, Makenzie Reece observes her boyfriend playing Call of Duty: Warzone and translates his terminology for non-gamers.

A TikTok of a woman explaining her boyfriend’s Call of Duty: Warzone terminology has gone viral for its hilarious accuracy. It’s an entertaining watch for gamers and non-gamers alike, as it can be easy for gamers to forget just how alien their slang can sound. What’s interesting to reflect on is that despite each game’s community knowing what its slang means, the terminology itself is never formally agreed upon. For example, while every League of Legends player can hear “Gonna B” and know that their teammate is about to return to base, the phrase out of context is nonsensical.

The competitive gaming scene tends to be where many of the shorter slang terms originate. This is likely due to the fast pace of games like Counter Strike, Dota, and others. After all, Warzone players generally do not have much time to call out detailed instructions once a fight begins. In cases like this, being able to say and understand quick phrases such as “Roze one-shot” can be the key to winning or losing. Of course, slower-paced multiplayer games like World of Warcraft have their fair share of slang as well. The difference in those games is that it’s often easier to abbreviate longer terms like “out of mana” to simply “oom.”

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In Makenzie Reece’s TikTok video, seen here on Dexerto, she records herself in front of her boyfriend while he plays a game of Warzone. During the game, he utters phrases like “mark a buy,” buy me back,” and “pick me up.” After each phrase, the camera cuts to Reece explaining in standard terms what each phrase means. The final “phrase” she defines is actually not a phrase at all. Instead, her boyfriend simply releases an exasperated sigh and leans his head back in a gesture that Warzone players know all too well. For her definition of this one, Reece simply says, “just don’t ask.”

Warzone has been around for over a year now and has produced a myriad of entertaining memes and videos. Since she first posted “Warzone Lingo Part 1,” she has also uploaded another video with the caption “When the Squad Calls.” In this one, her boyfriend reenacts Warzone‘s “downed” animation, crawling on the floor towards her before she “revives” him with a beer and he runs off. Given how adorable both videos are, it’s no surprise that their comments are all equally wholesome and hoping for more content.

Considering how many bugs and glitches seem to ravage Warzone with virtually every major patch, it is always pleasant to see players actually enjoying the game. The game is still fun at its core despite the occasional technical setbacks, and Raven Software seems committed to making it the most enjoyable experience possible. Going forward, there are definitely several ways in which Warzone can continue adding new content, including by implementing elements of future Call of Duty titles. While there hasn’t been much new news regarding the next entry in the series, Warzone’s success almost certainly means that it will remain relevant for years to come. This hopefully means that TikTok users like Makenzie Reece and her boyfriend will keep their fantastic content coming.

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