TikTok down, unable to see likes and comments

TikTok down, unable to see likes and comments

Disappearance of subscribers or comments, this is what many users of TikTok are currently seeing.

The application does not load much as users are logged out of their accounts.

TikTok appears to have gone down for thousands of users tonight.

Many have reported being logged out of their accounts because the app won’t load.

The problem first emerged around 8:30 p.m. Tuesday, according to Down Detector.

Users in the UK, US and much of Europe have been affected, it seems.

There were nearly 12,000 reports of an outage at 9 p.m.

The most reported issue was watching videos, with 70% of complaints regarding this issue.

A total of 25% complained of connection issues, while 5% said they could not download items.

One person said that “0 followers and 0 likes” suddenly appeared on their account.

Another person posted on Twitter: “TikTok seems down because mine won’t let me see comments, likes or anything. “

Another added, “With @tiktok down… how are we supposed to keep going through our 15 minutes of fame? “

The TikTok app is currently available in 150 different countries, with a total of over one billion users.

A statement from TikTok on Twitter said, “The TikTok app is currently experiencing issues, which our team is working to resolve quickly. Thank you for your patience!’

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TikTok down, unable to see likes and comments

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