TikTok creates a European Center for Transparency and Accountability

TikTok creates a European Center for Transparency and Accountability

TikTok announced the creation of a European Center for Transparency and
Responsibility. The video sharing application thus demonstrates its
constant commitment to be transparent, in particular with regard to its moderation and more generally on its practices for the safety and protection of its users. Established in Ireland, this Center should be inaugurated as early as next year, in 2022.

“With over 100 million users across Europe, we have a responsibility to earn the trust of our community and the general public. The creation of our European Center for Transparency and Responsibility is fully in line with our desire to bring greater clarity to our teams, methods and technologies to make TikTok an entertaining, creative and safe space. We know there is still a long way to go and we will meet the challenges we face. We look forward to welcoming experts from across Europe and listening to their recommendations to strengthen our systems “said Cormac Keenan, Head Trust and Safety TikTok.

Present the work of TikTok teams

The European Center for Transparency and Accountability will above all be dedicated to hosting experts, academics and policy makers. It will allow to present the daily life of TikTok teams who work to make the platform a safe and positive space for all.

Concretely, visitors will have the opportunity to discover:
• TikTok’s use of technology to protect its community;
• The decision-making process by the content moderation teams, specifically
trained in TikTok Community Rules;
• How moderation teams complement their efforts by using the
technology to detect potential violations of TikTok policies.

Understand how algorithms work

The European Center for Transparency and Accountability of TikTok will also provide details on the how the algorithm works recommendation and the measures put in place to ensure respect and protection of personal data users. Due to the health restrictions linked to COVID-19, the Center will initially operate virtually before a physical inauguration in 2022. In addition, the creation of this Center follows the opening of TikTok’s very first Transparency and Accountability Center in the United States in July 2020.

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