TikTok Ban: App blocked by Google after court order

TikTok Ban: App blocked by Google after court order

TikTok App blocked by Google after court order- India TV

TikTok App blocked by Google after court order

new Delhi: Video making app TikTok has been blocked by Google after the Madras High Court’s decision and the instructions given. Now users will not be able to download this app from playstore. It is worth mentioning that the government had asked Google and Apple to remove the TickTalk app from their companies. According to reports, instructions were sent to Google and Apple on Monday after the Supreme Court’s refusal to stay the Madras High Court’s April 3 ruling.

Let us tell you that the court had instructed the Center to ban Ticktok. The Chinese company’s product Ticketop is accused of serving indecent material. The Supreme Court had said on Monday that the ban directive is just an interim order and a hearing on the matter is proposed in the Madras High Court on 16 April. At the same time, the Madras High Court had said in its order that it is clear from media reports that pornographic and inappropriate content has been made available through such mobile apps. The Madras High Court had also instructed the media not to broadcast the video made of Tiktok.

The court said in its judgment that this app is affecting children and making users sexually violent. A public interest litigation was filed against the app alleging obscenity, following which the court gave its verdict. The Ticketock app is owned by Chinese company ByteDance. This app allows people to create short videos and share them. However, users who have already installed it will be able to use it. Tittock said in a statement on Tuesday that he had full faith in the Indian judicial system.

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