TikTok and the Lead Generation solution to acquire new customers

TikTok and the Lead Generation solution to acquire new customers

On TikTok, businesses have a unique opportunity to connect with their customers in an authentic, creative and lasting way Businesses can expand their customer base and grow their business with the unique and immersive format of short-form mobile videos.

Lead Generation: the new TikTok solution for businesses

Lead Generation, this is the new solution for help businesses target and convert new customers easier. Now, with just a few clicks, businesses can share more useful information with their customers about their products or services.

TikTok Lead Generation simplifies interactions between companies and their prospects to convert them into potential customers. Lead Generation first allows users to more easily fill out forms and fill in their information (name, email, phone) in order to signify their interest for a particular product or service. Basic information that users provide to TikTok can be automatically completed. TikTok Lead Generation also allows companies to create personalized messages that are relevant to multiple customer segments. These prospects can then be downloaded manually or, if they are integrated into a CRM system, activated immediately.

For businesses on TikTok, the information entered in these forms is essential to ensure target, appropriately, leads actually interested.

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And what about data privacy?

With Lead Generation, when users submit their form, a confidentiality message appears reminding that data is collected for advertisers. The Privacy policy of TikTok as well as that of the advertisers will be attached to the form. Personal information collected with Lead Generation will only be accessible to the advertiser. Users can modify their information on the form or choose to have it to leave at any moment.

TikTok thus wishes to reassure its users, regarding the confidentiality of their personal data, they will always have a choice.

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