TikTok and Pôle emploi create a space dedicated to employment and training

TikTok and Pôle emploi create a space dedicated to employment and training

From June 4 to 11, 2021, TikTok and Pôle emploi support users of the
platform in their professional project and create a space entirely dedicated to
employment and training. Baptized #MissionEmploi, this initiative demonstrates TikTok’s willingness to get involved with its community of French users and companies, helping them to be discovered and connect with each other.


TikTok, has become the privileged platform to share, in video, its passions, its
moments of life, important causes. More than 100 million users in Europe, there
express freely, spontaneously and uniquely. Due to the great diversity of its audience,
TikTok is a meeting place and interconnection between its users but also with the brands and companies there.

Thus, from Friday June 4, TikTok and Pôle emploi have decided to use the full potential of the platform by launching #MissionEmployment, a unique space
accessible on the application, and which brings together a large number of resources for
support French users in their procedures and job searches or

Tips and advice for everyone

From the portal #MissionEmployment, the TikTok community will access – in videos – to
advice and tips, developed by Pôle emploi, to help them very concretely in their
professional approach:

• “Three tips to optimize your CV”
• “The five sectors which recruit the most”
• “All you need to know about hiring assistance for those under 26”
• “Test: are you eligible for work-study? “

TikTok users can also find links in the #MissionEmploi space
towards free information and solutions job search and training
professional including:

Pôle emploi store job : a selection of tools and effective solutions to
to help find a job, change careers or refine a
professional project ;
INCO Academy : training in the professions of the economy of tomorrow, supporting
in particular the people furthest from employment;
MyWay.org : a personalized diagnosis meeting the guidance needs of young people
by the flexibility of technology and the finesse of the human, so that everyone can
find your professional path;
Bob : a set of support technologies (diagnosis, strategies, advice)
which allows each person looking for a job to better understand their situation
and adopt the right reflexes to quickly find a job.

The TikTok community involved

To support the opening of this portal, TikTok is launching a “Week of Employment “ on the platform. Thus, from June 4 to 11, TikTok invites its community to come together around the hashtag challenge #MissionEmployment, and produce entertaining or educational content to create a positive dynamics around employment. Tips for enhancing your CV, the essentials of a cover letter, the mistakes not to make during an interview or even personal anecdotes … All the creativity of the TikTok community is put to use to give a boost to candidates.

“For Pôle emploi, it is about supporting job seekers in a different way. With this
heading #MissionEmploi, Pôle emploi affirms its desire to be as close as possible to
job seekers and especially 16-30 year olds through fun and inspiring videos.
This partnership with TikTok, which for some time has been the benchmark creative platform
of young people, is both innovative and useful while many young people are currently arriving
in the labor market ”declares Misoo Yoon, Deputy Managing Director in charge
of the service offer.

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