This new TikTok challenge that worries doctors

This new TikTok challenge that worries doctors

This new TikTok challenge that worries doctors
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Have you heard of the “scalp popping” challenge? No ? So much the better, don’t try it! This new challenge in vogue on TikTok, which consists of pulling a lock of hair to make it crack, worries doctors who warn about its potential dangerousness. ->

On social networks, the challenges are linked, more or less crazy or more or less dangerous. In recent weeks, the scalp popping challenge has been all the rage on TikTok.

The principle of this challenge, which is often done in pairs, is simple: it involves wrapping a section of hair around your finger before pulling on it. If the challenge is “successful”, we hear a sharp noise, which makes one think of the cracking of fingers or neck. ->

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Thousands of TikTokers have tried the experiment. Today the hashtag #ScalpPopping collects nearly seven million views on the platform.

A cure for migraines?

The start of this viral challenge was a video of a young girl explaining that her mother uses a “Mexican remedy” to fight migraines: she pulls on her hair until she hears that famous popping sound.

In fact, if this technique is unknown in Western countries, it is relatively widespread in Mexico or in some Asian countries, explains Jon Musgrave, massage therapist interviewed by the magazine. Health. Nonetheless, it can be dangerous if it is not performed by a professional, or at least someone with experience, explains the specialist.

What risks?

According to Jon Musgrave, if the practice is done improperly, there is a real risk of tearing the skin or tearing the connective tissue in the skull. It can also cause tension in the neck. Some tiktokers have also confided that they found holes on their skulls after trying the challenge.

The expert therefore suggests avoiding this potentially dangerous technique. To fight against tension in the scalp, it is not necessary to pull out your hair. Jon Musgrave advises massaging your scalp with your fingertips, making small circles. For those with long hair, pull large strands, slowly but firmly, to move them away from the scalp. “It has the same effect, but does not present any risk,” he emphasizes.

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