The newspaper "Le Monde" takes its first steps on TikTok!

The newspaper “Le Monde” takes its first steps on TikTok!

It’s official! The famous French newspaper ” The world “ makes its very first steps on TikTok! A new format but still the same goal of informing, explaining and fighting against false information. Same content in a new container, this is the promise of the editorial staff!

the world

A new way to inform

For 4 years already, The world informs Snapchat users, ensuring access to information for young people. But with the dazzling success of the Chinese social network TikTok, it was inconceivable for the editorial staff of the famous French newspaper not to embark on this platform also very popular with young people. The TikTok account of World is thus open and you can already consult the editorial TikToks. On the menu: geopolitical, sports news and the fight against “Info” !

@lemondefrVladimir ##Putin in power in ##Russia until 2036? It’s now possible, here’s its secret ##Europe ## tiktokacademie ## kalinka ## info ##Politics♬ its original – lemondefr
@lemondefrIt’s official, the ##Champions League 2019-2020 will resume… at the end of August. But have you already understood the words of his hymn? ## tiktokacademie♬ its original – lemondefr
@lemondefrFinally a clear photo of the Lock Ness monster? No. ## factcheck ## tiktokacademie ## mystery♬ Speed ​​Trap (No Vocals) – Jessie Shapiro & Rob Shore

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