The hashtag # coronavirus infects TikTok

The hashtag # coronavirus infects TikTok

The news has fallen! The French are in “almost” total confinement for a minimum of fifteen days. To occupy their days, some people turn to social networks. An overview of the best TikTok content to put things in perspective in the face of coronavirus.

Are you already getting bored? Why not take a look at TikTok? And the content creators do not lack creativity to put things into perspective! Indeed, the #coronavirus has already been shared over 11 billion times on the app.

TikTok still wanted warn its users with the following message:

TikTok attaches great importance to both creativity and the ability to express oneself, but when it comes to public health it is important to know the facts. When you create, watch or interact with content related to the subject of the COVID-19 Coronavirus, we remind you to: 1- Verify the facts presented by consulting reliable and official sources such as those of the government or the World Organization for health. 2- Report content, if you think it violates our Community Rules.

Top best TikTok # coronavirus videos

@ julien.husson

Do you think it’s legal? 😱👮🏼‍♂️ The new traffic tag are you friends who will get rich😂 ##for you ##traffic ## covid19 ## coronavirus ## foryou ## fyp

♬ The Box – Roddy Ricch

@elkilianShopping during the period ## coronavirusOriginal original sound – elkilian
@fab_pchPtdr yesterday macron closes all the schools because of corona and I go to disney today I am sick😭 ## foryou ## coronavirus♬ Subscribe iamfmax – iamfmax
@tristandefeuilletvang“Closure from midnight of all places receiving public not essential to the life of the country” ## CoVid19 ## Containment ## Coronavirus♬ its original – tristandefeuilletvang

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