The 3 Tiktok challenges of the moment

The 3 Tiktok challenges of the moment

Are you running out of ideas for your next Tiktok? Don’t panic, this article is for you! Let’s discover together the 3 challenges of the moment that invade Tiktok.

#Whipeitdownchallenge Mirror on Twitter Twemoji 13.0

Launched by the American actress Lauren Compton, the principle of this challenge is as follows: with a wipe or cloth and glass cleaner, place yourself in front of a mirror. Under the rhythm of the sound of BMW Kenny “Wipe It Down”, you clean it by ensuring that each “Wipe” matches the wipe. At the end of the third or fourth wipe, you find yourself either primed or disguised. There is a variant where it is a whole other person who finds himself in front of the mirror! The choice is yours !

Lea Elui or Holly H lent themselves to the game!

@iamlaurencomptonWait what? ## cosplay ## Harleyquinn ## harleyquinncosplay ## wipe ## morror ## fyp ## foryou ## foryoupage♬ Wipe It Down – BMW KENNY
@hollyhi’m scared bro♬ original sound – hollyh

#NurseryChallenge 💎

You pretend to no longer know how to use your two legs and to walk properly, and then suddenly the badass that lies dormant in you comes into play for us a parade worthy of the greatest models from Victoria Secret.

Kiara, Anthonin or Carla ginola did it brilliantly!

@ kiara.amt🤪🤪♬ nursery – bbno $

#FlourChallenge 🤡

This challenge takes up the rule of the game “Who of us 2? ” To liven things up and make the challenge even funnier, the two people in question place their faces above a cushion or a container filled with flour. A third person is responsible for indicating which of them is the more annoying, for example, by pushing the head of the person concerned into the flour. There is also a water version variant!

Léna Situations realized the challenge with his little brother and his mom, Brent and Lexi Rivera also! Crazy laughter guaranteed!

@lenasituationsthe ## flourchallenge of the Mahfouf family. I can’t believe my mother’s last answer. 😠😂 ##for you ## situationsquad♬ Blinding Lights – The Weeknd

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