Ryan Reynolds Recreates Just Friends I Swear Scene In New TikTok

Ryan Reynolds Recreates Just Friends I Swear Scene In New TikTok

Ryan Reynolds officially joins TikTok with a hilarious re-enactment of the famous “I Swear” lip-synching scene from his 2005 movie Just Friends.

Ryan Reynolds officially joined TikTok and his first post is a hilarious throwback to an iconic scene from his 2005 film Just Friends. The Christmas romantic comedy featured Reynolds as Chris Brander, a formerly obese high school student who became a successful record producer as an adult. He returns to his hometown during the holidays and tries to woo his best friend and childhood crush. Reynolds starred alongside rom-com veterans Amy Smart, Anna Faris, and Chris Klein.

Just Friends was a surprise box office hit, earning more than $50 million upon its release. The feel-good film showcased Reynolds’ natural talent for comedy and jumpstarted his career as a bankable rom-com leading man. The movie opened with the actor wearing a fat suit for his character, lip-synching to the song “I Swear” by the 90’s boyband All-4-One while looking in the mirror. The scene is still so funny to watch today, 16 years after the movie first premiered.

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Reynolds chose to recreate his iconic “I Swear” scene for his debut post on TikTok on Wednesday. In the video clip, the 44-year-old star is seen sliding into the frame as he mouthed along to the song’s chorus. He also waved his fingers just as he hilariously did in Just Friends when his character was pretending to serenade his longtime crush. “I swear you will be disappointed by this account,” Reynolds jokingly wrote in the caption.

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Within hours, the video received millions of likes and Reynolds instantly became one of the most followed celebrities on TikTok. While Reynolds is known for his funny quips on social media, Reynolds’ entry to TikTok isn’t just for laughs. His succeeding posts promoted the Wrexham Football Club, which he owns with fellow actor Rob McElhenney. The pair recently announced that TikTok has sponsored their new soccer team, which explains why the actor finally decided to create an account on the social media platform.

Reynolds may be new to TikTok, but the actor isn’t afraid to make fun of himself (and others) on social media. He’s been known to play pranks on fellow celebrities and even his wife, Blake Lively, on Twitter and Instagram. The actor’s sense of humor certainly provides comic relief amid all the haters and trolls on the internet. And because he has such a strong following, it was only a matter of time before he also hopped on TikTok. This means fans will surely be seeing more spoofs and funny antics from the Deadpool and Just Friends star in the coming days.

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