Rihanna opens her own TikTok house!

Rihanna opens her own TikTok house!

It’s official, the singer Rihanna has just created her first TikTok house in association with Fenty Beauty. All the influencers of this brand will be able to come together to make videos and post them on the famous application.

A new project for Rihanna

As fans await the release of Rihanna’s ninth album, titled R9, the singer makes the suspense last. Indeed, his community has been diligently watching his new project since 2016, when his album was released Anti. We see it regularly in the studio … but nothing comes out!

An impatience that amuses the Barbadian singer, who decided to please her fans with an innovative and fun project. She had already created a TikTok account recently. Today, in association with its Fenty Beauty brand, Rihanna is creating TikTok house for influencers.

Fenty Beauty: its first TikTok house

As you know, the TikTok app is on the rise! Until then, users filmed themselves everywhere, often improvising. A trend that Rihanna reverses with her TikTok house.

The objective? Allow Fenty Beauty influencers to meet in one place to make TikTok videos, alone or with others.

This idea already existed, since there are several TikTok houses in the United States. One of them, the Hype House, is home to 19 influencers for the app. They have chosen to live together in one house to create more content and gain popularity.

For Rihanna, the principle is the same, but concentrated around her own brand, Fenty Beauty. What bring influencers together and feed their creativity!

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