Pokémon TikTok Turns Stolen Cards Into A My Chemical Romance Rock Opera

Pokémon TikTok Turns Stolen Cards Into A My Chemical Romance Rock Opera

One unfortunate Pokémon card collector recounted the story of his collection being stolen by a childhood neighbor, and how he is still not over it.

With the recent boom in popularity of Pokémon cards, losing on out rare cards from childhood could sting any fan with regret. For one unfortunate Pokémon card collector, however, it was not bad luck or carelessness that cost them a chance to cash in on their childhood collectibles. Instead, it was thievery and duplicitousness that has left them seething years later.

Pokémon cards have experienced a renaissance of popularity of late, thanks largely to online content creators who have turned opening Pokémon card packs into big business. As a result, many fans are scrambling to dust off their long-forgotten Pokémon card collections, which may now be more valuable than they were years ago. In fact, Pokémon cards have become so valuable that they became a prime target for scalpers. Stores would see their shelves of Pokémon cards cleared off as soon as they were stocked, and The Pokémon Company and Wizards of the Coast had to take the drastic measure of limiting the number of cards one person can purchase at once. But one fan lost their existing collection of Pokémon cards and has taken to TikTok to express their frustration.

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Posted to TikTok by user HummusVaccum (and reported by Dexerto), the song is a cover of the My Chemical Romance song “Welcome to the Black Parade.” HummusVaccum recounts the story of his Pokémon card collection being stolen by his childhood next-door neighbor. Among the pilfered cards was a first edition, holographic Lugia card. HummusVaccum claims that such a card would be worth over $10,000 on the market today. HummusVaccum also says that there were other valuable cards among the collection that was stolen. As a result, in the chorus, HummusVaccum has some choice words for the neighbor, Shawn, and wishes some ill will upon him including stepping on a million LEGOs and getting his eyes poked out by the Pokémon Spearow.

Although the song is largely cathartic and HummusVaccum will likely not get those cards back, the anger is still evident through the song. Losing such rare Pokémon cards would sting for anyone, but HummusVaccum has clearly not forgotten this injustice. The fact that he can remember the exact cards that were stolen and has such specific wishes for Shawn is evidence of that.

Whether Shawn has managed to cash in those rare Pokémon cards or discarded them not knowing their worth is unknown. There’s no doubt that this collection would have fetched a solid price and many scalpers and Pokémon fans would be envious of these rare cards. For now, HummusVaccum will have to just carry on.

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Source: HummusVaccum/TikTok, Dexerto

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