Pokémon Fan's Girlfriend Fakes Selling His Card Collection On TikTok

Pokémon Fan’s Girlfriend Fakes Selling His Card Collection On TikTok

One Pokémon card collector was pranked by their girlfriend on TikTok, as she pretended to advertise and sell their valuable card collection.

One unfortunate Pokémon trading card collector got trolled by their girlfriend when she faked selling his collection in a TikTok prank. With how valuable Pokémon cards have become recently, it’s no surprise that tempers flared over this prank. Luckily, it appears that no Pokémon cards were harmed in the making of this TikTok video.

Pokémon cards became a hot commodity during the pandemic, which limited the Pokémon Company’s ability to manufacture and ship new cards. At the same time, many players and collectors began to view Pokémon cards as an investment, especially when seeing their value go up. Finally, there was also a boom in the interest in Pokémon cards as unboxing videos became more and more popular on social media sites like YouTube and TikTok. All of these factors culminated in a perfect storm of massive demand and limited supply, which drove prices sky-high. The scarcity has become so bad that some retailers were forced to restrict the sales of Pokémon cards due to an influx of scalpers hoarding the few cards that were available. Naturally, Pokémon card collectors are prizing their cards quite heavily now.

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But one Pokémon card collector was nearly left in shambles after their girlfriend pulled a prank, leading them to believe that she had sold their prized collection. As was first reported by Dexerto, TikTok user isabel_vargas98 posted a video where she appeared to be advertising the sale of an impressive collection for pennies on the dollar. The following day, isabel_vargas98 posted another video, showing her appearing to put his cards into an envelope and place them in the mailbox. Her partner was none too pleased, admonishing her to get his prized collection back. However, it turns out this was all a giant prank, as the card collection could be seen in a later video.

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While the prank may be funny to isabel_vargas98 and many of her followers it was undoubtedly stressful to the card owner. With cards being so valuable right now, tempers can flare when a collection that could be worth thousands is threatened. Recently, one Pokémon fan on TikTok posted a video recounting how a childhood neighbor stole his Pokémon card collection which could be worth thousands today.

To an outsider, Pokémon card collections may seem childish and inconsequential, but they must understand that these cards are incredibly valuable right now. Not only that but to many fans of the franchise the cards represent a piece of their childhood. It’s quite fortunate that it was all a prank and the cards were returned safely.

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