Pakistan telco regulator bans ‘immoral/indecent’ TikTok

Pakistan telco regulator bans ‘immoral/indecent’ TikTok

Pakistan telco regulator bans ‘immoral/indecent’ TikTokThe ban on TikTok in India, which started in June, started a boom in rival short-video apps scrambling to fill the gap – in the most successful cases, racking up tens of millions of downloads.

Could a similar thing happen in neighbouring Pakistan? We’re about to find out: the country’s telecoms regulator the PTA has just blocked TikTok in Pakistan “in view of number of complaints from different segments of the society against immoral/indecent content” on the app.

This has been a while coming though: in July, the PTA gave TikTok a ‘final warning’ after similar complaints. “TikTok has been informed that the Authority is open for engagement and will review its decision subject to a satisfactory mechanism by TikTok to moderate unlawful content,” it says now.

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