Netflix takes inspiration from TikTok for watching movie footage

Netflix takes inspiration from TikTok for watching movie footage

Widely used by young people, the TikTok platform has just inspired the giant of streaming movies, Netflix. Now, with Fast Laughs, users will be able to watch short clips scrolling vertically on their screen.

After borrowing its principle of Stories from Snapchat to present trailers, Netflix is ​​now eyeing the side of the TikTok recipe. SVOD’s platform is currently testing a new feature called Fast Laughs which allows videos to be scrolled vertically. Techcrunch, relayed by Lemon Press. There are humorous clips from his catalog.

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This new service is directly inspired by the functioning of TikTok, the social network very popular with teenagers. On the one hand the videos are presented in full screen and slide vertically and buttons are placed on the right side. But Netflix is ​​counting on this new tool, not to entertain, but to introduce new content (films, series).

Allow users to select programs

Like on social media, it’s not about liking a video, but about encouraging subscribers to put the content on a list to watch later. However, it will be possible to react with an emoji, share the clip and also see other media related to the clip you are watching. The duration of the clips offered by the platform varies from 15 to 45 seconds.

The feature was tested with a small number of users a few months ago, Netflix confirmed to Techcrunch. The function will gradually be rolled out in the UK, US and elsewhere. Videos illustrating the new feature were posted to Twitter by Matt Navara, a UK social media consultant. Since this is a test, not all users will see the same version of Fast Laughs in front of them.

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Successfully successful, TikTok is a source of inspiration for many services, 20minutes reminds us. Like Instagram which, with Reels, has also decided to focus on short video sequences by placing a button directly in the home page of the application.


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Netflix takes inspiration from TikTok for watching movie footage

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