Museums go through TikTok to attract visitors

Museums go through TikTok to attract visitors

Museums go through TikTok to attract visitors

“I didn’t know, it makes you want to come! »After having discovered the lives of Quai Branly or the Palace of Versailles, will this young man addicted to TikTok come to visit them? This is the goal of a partnership between different museums and this popular site for 15/25 year olds.

The platform launched in 2016, which claims 100 million users in Europe, will deepen an experience that has been very successful, as part of the “cultural season, #CultureTikTok”. From December 14 to 20, museum lives were offered: from the comparison of armor from the First World War and the Napoleonic period at the Hôtel des Invalides, to the Louis de Funès exhibition at the Cinémathèque or the secrets of collections of the Picasso Museum.

The recreation of Fantomas’ DS garnered 376,000 views and 8,940 likes. “Wow! We want more! I love De Funès, ”exclaims one subscriber. Likewise the all-feather costume, “Big Chief” of Mardi Gras de la Mardi Gras de la New Orleans at Quai Branly obtained 168,000 views and 2,784 likes: “I feel like traveling”, shares another young user. – ->

Growing success

The choreographic performances at the Palais de Chaillot were seen by 100,000 “tiktokers” around the world on December 15, the day France hoped for the reopening of theaters.

“What we did was to allow cultural institutions that did not yet have enough subscribers to be able to start their lives accompanied by their best experts. We also prepared a trailer for them, ”Eric Garandeau, public relations director of TikTok France, told AFP. “In principle, we will renew the operation and improve it,” he said.

Now that they have exceeded the minimum number of subscribers (1,000) to perform live, museums will be able to organize their programs. But “it’s not about competing with museums. Rather encourage young people to go. It’s Arte our benchmark, ”says Garandeau.

TikTok already offers its users the opportunity to share their passion for art in videos of 15 to 60 seconds … Whether it’s a painting, a music, a famous tirade, by associating it with the hashtag # CultureTikTok.

“Make you want”

In Versailles, the “tiktokers” followed Mathieu da Vinha, a great specialist of Louis XIV in the Hall of Mirrors. A proposal “particularly intuitive, poetic, clever”, welcomed the platform.

“At the beginning, we could believe in a virtual background because Mathieu da Vinha was sitting with the gallery behind him. Used to living in the virtual world, young people are not fooled, and some doubted that the gallery was true. As they followed da Vinha, they saw that we could walk around the gallery, ”says Eric Garandeau.

At the Quai Branly, five iconic pieces (Mali, Gabon, Brazil, Papua, South-USA) were presented by Philippe Charlier, anthropologist, archaeologist, director of the research department of the museum of primitive arts.

“Our editorial line is simple: to present geographic diversity, which shows cultural diversity and origins”, explains the director of communication, Thomas Aillagon, stressing that the age group who attends TikTok but few at the Quai Branly museum is a target that interests his museum.

The operation, hopes Eric Garandeau, should make “many other museums want to go to the platform”. He announces “more regularly updated lives” and “more permanent editorialization, on a page continuously fed by users”. “We have to make the American, Japanese public want to come back to France,” he says, even though he recognizes the language barrier, as no live has yet been subtitled.

This young video capture tool so popular with young people is aware of the need to promote education through culture, in the face of the invasion of augmented realities and fiction.

TikTok plans to do the same with science: foster culture by giving scientists a voice.

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