Mariah Carey Duets With Ryan Reynolds In Free Guy TikTok Video

Mariah Carey Duets With Ryan Reynolds In Free Guy TikTok Video

Ryan Reynolds and Mariah Carey hilariously duet her popular song “Fantasy” on TikTok after the song was featured in Reynolds’ movie, Free Guy.

After Mariah Carey’s song “Fantasy” was featured in Free Guy, she and Ryan Reynolds took to TikTok to duet the song. Free Guy released in theaters on August 13th and has proved one of the most successful films of the summer. While Reynolds, Jodie Comer, Joe Keery, Taiki Waiti, and Utkarsh Ambudkar make up the principle cast, Free Guy also features numerous celebrity cameos. It has proved a box office hit for its unique and charming premise of a non-player character in a video game who becomes self-aware and sets out to become the hero.

As Free Guy continues its theater run, it has been especially interesting to learn the stories behind the Easter eggs, cameos, and song choices that litter the film. One of the songs featured is Carey’s “Fantasy,” which Comer performed a cover of for the film. Reynolds, a self-proclaimed Carey fan, decided to utilize the song as the anthem of the film after it happened to come on his playlist while he was working on the script. Carey has also been very vocal on social media about her love for Free Guy, thus, it is not surprising to see the two team up.

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Reynolds and Carey performed a duet of “Fantasy” in a hilarious Free Guy TikTok video. Carey kicked off the duet to her song and Reynolds soon joined with some aggressive lip syncing and hand gestures. However, Carey wasn’t exactly impressed, giving him the side eye for straying from the plan. Check out their duet below:

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The video was a humorous display of two influencers sharing support for one another on social media. However, besides the camaraderie and Free Guy reference, it also served another hilarious purpose. Reynolds emphasized in his caption of the video that the duet was his favorite occurrence of August 25th – a date that just happens to be his wife, Blake Lively’s, birthday. The high-profile celebrity couple is known for hilariously trolling one another on social media, and it seems the tradition continues as Reynolds utilized the duet to epically snub her.

Overall, it seems that the usage of Carey’s “Fantasy” in Free Guy proved effective. The song is catchy enough to propel the film forward and it also fits well with the rapport between Reynolds and Comer’s Free Guy characters. It was especially a treat to hear Comer’s own rendition of the song for the film. Meanwhile, Reynolds and Carey seem to have struck up a friendship through the process. Both have expressed support for the other’s work and have found a unique way to merge their art together. However, while Carey is a strong supporter of Free Guy, she’s not so much a fan of Reynolds’ lip synching and butterfly motions.

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