Lost All Your TikTok Followers? Don't Worry, It's A Glitch

Lost All Your TikTok Followers? Don’t Worry, It’s A Glitch

TikTok users are opening the app and finding out they have lost all of their followers. However, it’s just a glitch and TikTok is working on a fix.

A TikTok glitch currently results in users opening the app only to find out that all of the followers they have collected over time have suddenly disappeared. This is not the first time this zero glitch has shown up on TikTok, although this time it appears to be targeting followers. Based on the previous time the zero glitch struck, it will be fixed in due course, and everyone affected will get their followers back.

TikTok is an insanely popular video-sharing app where some of the biggest names on the platform have millions of followers, views and likes. Back in 2020, a glitch affected the app. resulting in users seeing zero likes and views on their videos, as well as each other’s. At the time, the glitch occurred right when there was the possibility of TikTok being banned in the U.S., leading some to wonder if the zero views and likes were the first step in the ban.

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Now, the same glitch seems to be in effect again. However, unlike the previous occasion, the glitch is not affecting views or likes, but followers. Essentially, users are opening the app and seeing they now have zero followers. A significant number of users have already taken to other social media platforms, including Twitter, to confirm the issue is widespread. In addition, TikTok’s support account on Twitter has also confirmed the existence of the zero followers problem, but says it is only affecting some accounts.

No TikTok App Ban & No User Bans Either

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Naturally, the sudden loss of all followers has led to some assumptions on what’s happening. Due to how widespread the complaints are, the drop in followers is not going to be a result of an individual account having been banned. Likewise, and unlike the previous timing of the zero glitch, TikTok seems to have put its U.S. ban worries behind it. Therefore, this is not going to be an issue with any ban of the TikTok app. Instead, it appears to be a glitch and one the company is already working on fixing.

While it remains to be seen when exactly the problem will be fixed and followers restored, users might want to consider restarting their app at some point, as that may be required once the fix is in place. It may also be worth applying any existing app updates for the TikTok app, if any are available. In the meantime, content creators can rest assured that the problem is with TikTok and that they haven’t actually lost all of their followers.

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Source: TikTok Support/Twitter

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