Levi's succeeds in boosting its sales on TikTok in full containment

Levi’s succeeds in boosting its sales on TikTok in full containment

The TikTok figures literally exploded during containment. 65 million additional users were registered in March, just that! And for good reason, creating and watching TikTok videos helps to pass the time. But what if brands also had a game to play? Levi’s appears to have had a flair for boosting sales through its advertising partnership with TikTok.

“Buy Now”, Levi’s strategy on TikTok

The Levi’s brand is one of the first to advertise on TikTok. But also one of the first to use the brand new advertising format TikTok Shoppable Ads. This format then allows advertisers to sell products without leaving the application. In short, it’s all about functionality e-commerce from TikTok. Thanks to “Buy now” link, users will land on the advertiser’s brand website where they can complete the ordering process.

Levi’s then set up an advertising campaign alongside different influencers : Callen Schaub, Cosette Rinab, Gabby Morrison and Everett Williams. The idea? Content creators tested personalization technology Future Finish 3-D from Levi’s to customize their jeans. These videos were then relayed in the form of advertisements with a “Buy Now” button so that viewers could obtain the same design as influencers.

Users were then redirected to the official brand website. The wide choice of design, coupled with the image of influencers, allowed Levi’s to boost its sales. The jeans brand claims to have found high engagement rate and increased traffic to his website.

These first tests ended on April 19, 2020.

TikTok’s success during containment

The containment led to a real boom in TikTok traffic. And for good reason, all the reasons are good for having fun on the short video platform. According to SensorTower, the app has recorded no less than 65 million downloads worldwide in March. This growth is also accompanied by a change in the age of users. Indeed, while the platform has until now delighted the under 18s, more and more adults are registering for it. And brands are no exception!

While containment results in lower income for many businesses, TikTok can be a good way to bounce back. The pandemic is forcing a large number of users to stay at home and take care of the application. For their part, brands are closing their physical stores and must therefore turn to selling online. Advertising on TikTok is therefore a golden opportunity, to be grabbed now, to strengthen its brand image and increase sales.

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