learn while having fun with TikTok

learn while having fun with TikTok

There is no question of being bored during confinement! While everyone is forced to stay at home, the TikTok platform launches its EduTok Live. The goal ? Learn new things, have fun with videos, and stay at home! Presentation of this new functionality.

EduTok Live: fun and educational videos

In this period of confinement, it is not easy to stay at home. To fight against the boredom of Internet users, many social networks have implemented new features.

TikTok is not to be outdone and launches its EduTok. The principle is simple: find yourself daily on the platform for original and fun videos.

But it’s not just entertainment! The purpose of EduTok is toto learn new things. And what could be better than learning while having fun?

Find live influencers

EduTok videos are live, every day around 6 p.m.. Many TikTok influencers lend themselves to the game and offer sessions to share their knowledge.

We have already found there Bloodydjan, Corentin Colin or Damien Freestyle, and more are still to come. Thanks to their invaluable advice, Internet users can learn cooking recipes, the basics of the guitar or how to shoot a good video, for example.

As the lessons are live, users can interact with creators, show them their support, and above all maintain a connection with the outside world. An original way to study new areas without leaving your home!

To take part in EduTok, go to TikTok every day at the end of the day, directly on the profile of participating influencers.

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