Kylo Ren Practices His Pickup Lines In Hilarious Star Wars TikTok Video

Kylo Ren Practices His Pickup Lines In Hilarious Star Wars TikTok Video

Watch one of Star War’s favorite redeemed villains, Kylo Ren, practice his best pickup lines in a hilarious TikTok video. Kylo Ren didn’t fare well in the romance department during The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi, only finally achieving some success in love when he redeemed himself in The Rise of Skywalker. Ben Solo sacrificed his life to bring Rey back from the dead, and they shared a kiss before he became one with the Force.

Star Wars and social media have a long history of producing incredible and hilarious fan-created content from memes and artwork to comedic videos, and this TikTok clip is no exception. The funny TikTok video made and starring thatkylorenguy was posted to Twitter by @CardiganVixen. It shows Kylo Ren pumping himself up in the mirror before saying the absolute most wrong thing to a woman who is presumably Rey. The lines hilariously echo what Kylo told Rey in The Last Jedi about her being from nothing.

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Fans loved the complicated relationship between Kylo Ren and Rey that finally culminated in their first and last kiss. Kylo’s redemption arc resonated with a lot of fans, and they were saddened to see him die in the conclusion of the Skywalker Saga. While Ben Solo may have finally redeemed himself (after being manipulated for so long by Palpatine) and died, passionate fans are finding clever ways to keep his spirit alive, which is what makes social media apps like TikTok so fun.

While there is no new Star Wars film on the horizon, the passion the fans have for the characters will never cease. The Rise of Skywalker might’ve closed the chapter on the Skywalker Saga and Kylo Ren, but who knows? Perhaps Ben Solo could return as a Force Ghost in the future. In the meantime, there’s always TikTok videos.

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Source: CardiganVixen via Twitter


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