How WhatsApp and TikTok are changing the lives of housekeepers

How WhatsApp and TikTok are changing the lives of housekeepers

If social media has succeeded in one thing, it is to democratize the use of the internet. Today the cleaning ladies are having a blast and are not ready to leave it.

Phone almost glued to his mouth, Bintou Fall walks slowly. Her strongly tied loincloth and a period T-Shirt show that she is up to the task. But no matter how hard the work is, her phone never leaves her. She is a cleaning lady in a family of five in Hann Mariste. In the morning, she says, almost the house is empty. The kids are at school, the parents at work. “I’m home alone but I admit that I’m not bored. I am a member of a lot of WhatsApp groups. These are endless discussions between serious and less serious. Really, I’m not bored. I don’t even feel the time pass ”, she said with a slight smile. Maty Sarr believes that WhatsApp has changed the way she lives.

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“I work in a house where the people are very nice. But there is no place where people come together to share. Before I got a smartphone I was really bored. Either I was sleeping or watching TV if I had nothing to do. Today I can be in constant contact with all of my family members. It’s quite pleasant. And then you don’t have to be intellectual to use it “, she rejoices.

Tiktok to decompress

Slender body, Ndioba is carefully dressed. It’s a habit, she says. Indeed, every day, around 5 pm, after all the chores of the day, she dresses in her most classy clothes. ” I do not go out. I’m on the balcony, I go to the TikTok app. It’s an application that allows me to decompress. There are a lot of funny videos. It allows me not to feel the loneliness ”, she says. If Ndioba is very stuck to WhatsApp, Maty is straddling WhatsApp and its statutes and TikTok. According to her, in addition to offering easy and permanent contact, the platform is very diverse.

A monthly budget

Even though these different platforms offer a lot of opportunities, we should not forget that they are not free. To avoid running out of connection, some devote a budget to connection. “I put in 2,000 francs every month. But Tiktok’s videos don’t last a month. Often I can go for 40,000 francs ”. Her sister spent more than double. “I wasn’t calculating, there was nothing that interested me if it wasn’t the connection. It has become a drug for me. But since my boss installed WiFi, I’m not complaining. Even though during the school year, he turns off the connection at night so his children can concentrate. Even there I do not allow myself not to connect. I buy the mobile passes “, she says.

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Seynabou Fall: “I was fired because of WhatsApp”

A cleaner for over a decade, Seynabou has taken social media to her heart at the cost of her job. Indeed, she says, one day when she was having a discussion with her lover, she forgets that she was not alone in the house. “I said some pretty intimate things and my boss heard them. She scolded me the first time and wiped it out. Another day I walked past my kitchen. It hurt him very badly. She had guests that day. When she asked me to bring her something, it took me a while to come back. She came looking for me and found me sending an audio message. She paid me and fired me on the spot “, she remembers.


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