How To Make A 'Netflix Guesses Your Future' TikTok Video

How To Make A ‘Netflix Guesses Your Future’ TikTok Video

A 2020 TikTok challenge involves using Netflix to predict your future, here’s what you need to know to make your own Netflix challenge video.

Netflix might be a great place to binge shows and movies, but it is also now being used by some TikTok users to predict their future. Whether or not the streaming service is capable of predicting what happens in life next, the results can be both interesting and creepy. Here’s what you need to know about the Netflix predicts TikTok challenge.

Challenges have quickly become a major part of the TikTok experience. While some look to promote a good cause or message, most simply bank on the creativity or technical ability associated with the challenge. For example, one of the most recent challenges to hit the platform is the ‘Vogue cover challenge’ where users make a video that includes their own Vogue magazine front covers.

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While not as recent as the Vogue cover challenge, the Netflix predicts challenge has proven popular, and largely thanks to how unpredictable the results are. The basic idea is that the TikTokker uses the Netflix interface to determine what happens to them next, or someone else. One of the first to do the challenge was TikTok user @gracebergie and the results proved quite interesting – when predicting the future of a friend, the Netflix result was “she passed away.” While the challenge started on TikTok, the results have been posted on other social media platforms as well.

How To Create Your Own Netflix Predicts Video

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Unlike some of the other TikTok challenge videos, this one is not that technically demanding. However, there is a specific process that needs to be followed if the challenge and video is to be done correctly. To begin with, while recording, open up the Netflix app (most seem to do this on the TV, but there’s no specific rule) and then use the search feature to search for shows and movies starting with the first letter of your name. When the results are shown, pick a random number between one and ten and use that to determine the show or movie. For example, if your name starts with D and you choose 7, then pick the seventh show or movie listed when searching for “d.”

If it is a show then check how many seasons there are and pick a random number again. For example, if eight seasons then choose a number between one and eight. Then pick a random number from the number of episodes in the season. Finally, pick a minute from the number of minutes for that episode, and a number of seconds between 1 and 60. At this point, it is just a matter of fast-forwarding to the minute and second to see what Netflix has predicted for your future. For reference, people are typically using an online random generator to help decide the numbers for them.

While most people are using Netflix to predict their future, the same process can also be used for other streaming services as well. For example, TikTok’s @katxkelly used Disney+ instead of Netflix to see what future the newer streaming service would predict.

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