How To Find & Watch More Stitch Videos On TikTok

How To Find & Watch More Stitch Videos On TikTok

TikTok offers a number of ways for creators to make content, including Stitched videos. Here’s how to quickly find additional Stitch videos to watch.

TikTok offers users plenty of ways to interact with each other, including the Stitch feature, which allows a creator to add their own content to another user’s TikTok. The Stitch feature is similar to the Duet feature, since it showcases two or more TikTokers in one video. However, where a Duet shows the creators side by side, a Stitch crops the original video before jumping to the new video. If users enjoyed watching one Stitch video and want to find more, there’s an easy way to find more.

TikTok combined the Duet feature with its Green Screen feature recently, allowing users to superimpose themselves on another user’s TikTok instead of putting the videos next to each other. Users can also join another creator’s TikTok Live, although they do have to ask permission first. Just last month, TikTok introduced Shoutouts, which lets users pay creators for making exclusive content.

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As spotted on a r/Tiktokhelp Reddit thread, it’s possible to find stitches simply by using the search bar. Just tap the Discover button at the bottom of the screen and then type “#[email protected]/username” (making sure to replace “username” with the TikTok account name) and the top Stitches featuring that creator will appear. For example, typing in “#[email protected]/charlidamelio” will show the most viewed or liked TikToks by Charli D’Amelio that other users have Stitched with. It also works with “stitches with username” or by including the Play button emoji before the username. From there, users can just scroll through the available Stitches and watch as many as they want. It should be noted this only works in the TikTok app and not when accessing the service through the desktop browser.

Other Tips For Maximizing TikTok

TikTok record on phone

Last month, TikTok also added a new Jumps feature to make it easier for creators to send users to a new page right from a TikTok. To get started, just tap the ‘Add link button located underneath the caption field after creating a TikTok. For users seeking out a fun new filter to try, start by tapping the Discover button and searching for the type of filter before selecting one from the results. For example, search for the “Color Customizer filter” and then just tap on the record button to apply the filter to a TikTok.

If a user has decided they don’t want to keep a TikTok they made previously, it takes a matter of seconds to delete the video again. Open up the TikTok, tap on the three dot button, and then find the ‘Delete’ button. In cases where a user dislikes a TikTok they have just seen, all they have to do is hold down on the screen until a Not Interested’ button pops up. Tapping the button will make sure TikTok avoids showing the user similar videos in the future.

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