How TikTok's New Tools Can Be Used To Prevent Bullying

How TikTok’s New Tools Can Be Used To Prevent Bullying

TikTok has made two changes to the app experience in its continued efforts to create a community where users feel safe to post and be creative.

TikTok has now introduced new tools geared toward encouraging a supportive, creative environment where users can interact with each other and have fun. The app offers users several ways to interact, including a Q&A feature, but these engagement features can often result in unwanted and negative effects, such as bullying. The issue of bullying and harassment is one that many online platforms struggle to address, but they often roll out additional features to help with the problem, as TikTok has now done.

TikTok is home to many younger users, including members of Generation Z who recently took to the platform to inform millennials that side parts and skinny jeans aren’t in fashion anymore. In fact, many of the most successful TikTok creators are on the younger side, like Charli D’Amelio, who is only sixteen-years-old. TikTok already had a variety of measures in place to help protect its users, such as the option to block someone. Not to mention, TikTok also added graphic content warnings earlier this year to help shield viewers from harmful content before it’s too late.

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In a post, TikTok detailed a new “Filter All Comments” feature and a prompt regarding community guidelines. With “Filter All Comments,” creators have the option to decide which comments appear on a video through a new comment management tool. Meanwhile, for the viewer, there will now be a reminder to think before posting. If a TikTok user attempts to make an unkind comment, a prompt will pop up saying, “Would you like to reconsider posting this?” If applicable, the prompt will also inform the user that the comment includes words that violate TikTok’s community guidelines.

Why These TikTok Tools Matter

tiktok q&a feature

If a TikTok creator wants to filter comments by keywords, they already had the ability to do so. However, the Filter All Comments feature will now allow TikTok creators to put a safety net in place before comments are live, thereby making the app a little safer for each creator’s community. However, this is an all or nothing approach, as the creator will need to approve all comments after enabling the feature. As for people leaving the comments, the new prompt will provide everyone with an option to review the language they use. If a comment was made in haste, users will now be able to pause and re-read it. Potentially, allowing them the option to use kinder language or just avoid posting the comment altogether.

Whether TikTok or otherwise, it’s important that platforms do as much as they can to protect all users from all forms of harassment, and even more so if they’re just kids. Many people use social media as a form of entertainment or escape, so they should remain safe spaces. While it will certainly take more than TikTok’s new features to amend the deep-rooted issue of online bullying, they are a step in the right direction.

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