Here's how the Tik Tok Doc cheers up medical staff

Here’s how the Tik Tok Doc cheers up medical staff

Here's how the Tik Tok Doc cheers up medical staff

With a few dance steps posted on social networks, an American doctor cheers hundreds of millions of Internet users, but especially hospital staff, on the front line facing the pandemic of the new coronavirus.

Nicknamed the “Tik Tok Doc” for his clips broadcast on this video sharing application, Jason Campbell has become famous with his choreographies like “corona foot shake” or “slipped cha cha”. The 31-year-old anesthesiologist, who works at the University Health and Science Hospital in Portland, Oregon, says he was overwhelmed with positive comments, especially from New York health workers, the epicenter of the Covid-19 in the United States.

“When you are in medicine, you see a lot of serious and unhappy things all the time,” he explains. “So you have to find a way to stay human, sane and have the opportunity to smile or laugh, even just five minutes in a 12-hour day.”

Initially, Dr. Campbell wanted to encourage young people, especially African Americans, to realize their dreams by realizing that they could become a doctor. But the videos have gone viral in a country desperate for an opportunity to smile as the deadly pandemic rages on. His “corona foot shake” with a colleague has thus been seen four million times.

A contagious and good charisma

A lung cancer patient also thanked him for making his forties more bearable. “The majority of the comments were” I work in New York and love watching your videos after a long day, “says Jason Campbell. “Others tell me that they are taking care of a family member who is infected with the virus and that they are watching these videos together until they are better.”

Tik Tok Doc

Dancing may very well be the best medicine for those of us who are quarantined. This made me happy, and I think we could all use a bit of happy right now.

Posted by Kellee azar on Thursday, April 2, 2020

Doctors and nurses at Portland Hospital were initially reluctant to appear in Dr. Campbell’s videos, before joining him after seeing his success. His initiative also received the blessing of the management of the establishment. “Dr. Campbell’s energy and charisma is contagious,” said Renee Edwards, the manager of medical staff at Portland Hospital. “This qualified doctor has found a unique way to integrate the power of positive thinking into his daily work, helping to boost the morale of patients and his colleagues,” she said.

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